Orlando Perez, a native Southern Californian, is an artist clearly able to see beauty in all forms and translate that vision through his camera lens. A tribute to the prevailing strength of the human spirit that comes when we lead our lives with determination, Orlando is an extension of his strong Cuban heritage and attributes much of his fortune to his family.

At a young age, Orlando knew he was meant for work behind a camera. His talent grew and he made his dreams a reality becoming a professional photographer. He believes that the key to a great shot is through a slow, steady and very specific view. With the assistance of stylists, makeup artists and a stellar team, he captures the shot his client desires every single time.

A talented fashion and beauty photographer, his abilities reach across the spectrum from portrait to event. Orlando uses his visual mind to provide images that are creatively unique and a shoot that leaves you saying, “Wow!”

Orlando Perez tells us what photography means to him… "The first time I picked up a camera I knew this is what I wanted to do. Since then I've studied and practiced with only one goal in mind - to capture not only the outer beauty of my subject, but also their inner self. My goal is simple… to make you look your best. Taking pictures is more than focus and shoot. It takes an eye for it. It takes a "feel" for it. It takes a passion for it. That's the art of photography."